电子竞技竞彩平台's concept of personal growth is premised on current student development theory and the assumption that responsible students desire to become more complete persons emotionally, 智力和身体. The Office of 学生服务 offers an array of student support services that aid in assisting students in their pursuit of social, 文化及专业发展.


学生教务长负责管理学校的各个领域 暴力侵害妇女问题办公室,  Title IX, Student Life and Counseling & 健康支援服务.  In addition, the Dean’s office oversees the 行为干预小组(BIT) and handles matters related to student conduct.


Julia Willis
Room B-240A
(708) 456-0300分机. 3865

(708) 456-0300分机. 3815

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This emergency aid program is a grant program designed to assist students experiencing unforeseen financial obstacles that may hinder their academic persistence and completion.


电子竞技竞彩平台 is happy to announce our participation in the Project Success ECMC 紧急援助计划. The ECMC 紧急援助计划 is designed to support students’ persistence toward certificate and/or degree completion by removing unforeseen 他们前进道路上的经济障碍, 如果不能迅速解决这个问题, 会导致学生放弃接受高等教育的计划吗. 全日制和非全日制学生, 包括双招生学生, are eligible for a total of $500 of financial help over the life of the entire program.  Students are eligible for financial assistance to pay for unforeseen costs including, 但不限于, utilities, housing/rent, food, 医疗/牙科, 运输, childcare, etc. 

Program constraints do not allow funds to be used for school expenses such as tuition, books, supplies, 所需工具/设备或罚款.  资金不能偿还以前欠学院的余额.  款项不能直接支付给学生.  款项支付给有关的第三方.g., dentist office for emergency tooth extraction) or via a gift card (e.g.,食物来自Jewel-Osco). 

Students experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties can apply for financial help by completed the following steps:

Contact 约翰尼·乌尔比纳,学生服务部主任, 设置预约以开始申请流程.  他的电子竞技竞彩平台如下:

Room B 240-B
708-456-0300 Ext. 3815

等你见了约翰尼·乌尔比纳决定你的资格, 他会把申请紧急援助项目的链接发给你.

除了一份完整的在线申请, students must also upload documentation supporting their need for financial assistance (e.g.(引用自牙医办公室).  不完整的申请不予考虑.

Once a student meets with 约翰尼·乌尔比纳 and completes the online application, the student will be notified within two business days of whether or not their emergency aid request application has been approved.

The monies will be distributed within two business days of application approval.  换句话说, 申请的整个过程, 获得批准, 资金分配时间不超过4个工作日.  This time frame is based on the student completing steps 1 and 2 identified above.

请联系 约翰尼·乌尔比纳,学生服务部主任,如果你还有问题的话.


  • Be 注册兼职或全日制 in a certificate or associate degree program at the time of the aid request.
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or greater 在申请批准时. 新生不受此限制.
  • 完成网上申请 provided by ECMC and upload supporting documentation of the financial need (i.e., 需要无保险的医疗, 汽车维修估价, a documented notice of unexpected change in housing or utilities expense).
  • 获奖后, complete the required financial education courses through Decision Partners online platform.
  • Benefit from having an expense paid with emergency aid through this program, 不超过500美元 在援助计划实施期间.
  • Be enrolled during the semester in which emergency aid funds are awarded.
  • Be entitled to use of the emergency aid funds with no expectation of repayment.
  • 紧急情况是由于不可预见的情况造成的.

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电子竞技竞彩平台 is committed to providing a supportive, safe, and welcoming college environment.  The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is the primary resource for proactively addressing student behavioral concerns that may result in risk of harm to self or others, 或者严重破坏学习环境的行为. The Dean of 学生服务, serves as chair of the 行为干预 Team.

校园安全 & 行为干预

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The College offers a variety of avenues for formal complaint procedures, 这取决于你关心或投诉的性质.

If you have an immediate concern for safety, contact the 电子竞技竞彩平台 Police Department at (708) 456-6911

如果你关心社区成员的行为, you can report a concern online and it will be routed to the appropriate college staff for review. 你也可以在这里报告对其他学生的担忧, 包括破坏行为或违反校规. Examples of the kinds of things you should report to the College including:

  • 他人妨碍你去上课或学习的行为
  • 盗窃或破坏公物
  • 骚扰,跟踪,打架
  • 酗酒或吸毒
  • 武器或威胁

即使你不确定你是否应该报告一些事情, 我们鼓励你宁可谨慎也不要犯错. The College has trained professional staff who can evaluate these reports and take appropriate action.

If you have been a victim of sexual or gender-based misconduct by any person, please review the College's Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Misconduct (Title IX) information, where you can also file a report about sexual harassment/misconduct. 我们首先关心的是你们的安全和健康, but we also encourage you to file a formal complaint with the campus and/or police depending on what outcomes you are seeking.

如果投诉涉及教师或工作人员的决定, you can follow the Student Complaint Process (if it pertains to an academic issue) outlined on page 60 of the 学生手册. Be advised that this process require that you first have a conversation with the faculty or staff member with whom you have a concern in a timely manner. 如果你对收到的回复不满意, you can provide your written complaint and the resolution that you seek to the Chair, Coordinator, 或部门主任. 你也可以要求与那个人会面. 如果你对这个回答不满意, you can continue the complaint process in writing to the Dean for that area.

If you have exhausted the campus complaint options and you still have a complaint, 你可以向 伊利诺伊州高等教育委员会.

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Triton's 学生手册 这是一本关于校园信息的综合指南吗. This helpful book will serve as your tour guide through Triton's programs, services, 院系和校园里更多的东西.


  • 校园信息按字母顺序排列
  • 紧急应变指引
  • 董事会政策及程序
  • Triton学院学生会章程及章程
  • 其他基于学生的信息

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